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Integration Systems | Pull through Hair Topper

A hair integration unit or system is a non-surgical way of adding more hair to your existing hair. It involves attaching a custom-made piece of mesh or netting with human hair strands to your scalp, and then pulling your own hair through the holes of the mesh or netting. This creates a fuller and more natural look than a regular wig or hairpiece. A hair integration unit or system can be used to cover thinning areas, bald spots, or alopecia. It can also be styled and colored to match your preference.

Some of the benefits of a hair integration unit or system are:

  • It is more comfortable and breathable than a full wig or hairpiece, as it allows your scalp to get more air and moisture.
  • It is more secure and stable than a clip-in or tape-in hair extension, as it does not rely on your own hair to hold it in place.
  • It is more versatile and customizable than a ready-made wig or hairpiece, as it can be tailored to fit your head shape, hair density, and hairline.
  • It is more natural and realistic than a synthetic wig or hairpiece, as it uses human hair that blends with your own hair.