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Genius Wefts

Genius wefts are a type of hair extensions that are very thin, flat, and can be cut without shedding. They are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and create a natural-looking and comfortable hairstyle. Genius wefts are also known as the second generation of hand-tied wefts, as they are based on the hand-tied wefts but improved in some aspects. For example, they have no return hair, which is the short hair that sticks out from the weft and can cause itching or irritation to the scalp. They also have no shedding problems, which means they do not lose hair when they are cut or styled. Genius wefts are suitable for all hair types, but especially for thin and fine hair, as they add more volume and thickness without adding too much weight or bulk. They are also versatile and customizable, as they can be cut and styled to fit your head and hairline.